New tribe recruiting!

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Looking for Members!

Tribe Name:
Rising Tides


Main Map:

Tribe Age:
So far 1 day old

Main Timezone:

In-Game Stage:
Getting set up and looking for a base location

PVP Active:
Won't be doing much pvp until the base is up

We're mainly looking for people with american timezones but anybody is welcome. We need some people to help one half of our tribe in aberration while others to help set up in ragnarok (since a member of our tribe doesn't have the dlc). All ranges of experience is welcome to join and help our tribe grow, pm me for an invite to the discord!

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Joined: 2 years ago

hello i would like to try out being in your tribe while i am not one for pvp as i am not very experinced in it i am good at low proflie bse building and also rare item stash hiding and i also have the all the curennt
DLC's please message me and let me know

Joined: 2 years ago

looking to join your tribe! my friend and I both, actually. I am a newb, my friend is experienced. both active.