A favor

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Hey all!

I am Hutsul from Hutsuls tribe and I am here to ask for a favor.

I play once in a blue moon (literally, play 2 days every 4 weeks), you can check it yourself - played 4 days over the last 7 weeks. Despite this fact, though, I am active, so please don’t destroy my base ( which is still stone with holes in the roof). I really wanna play on the server, used to play here before (Barns). I have lots of work and cannot play more.

Hope you guys understand:) Thank you!

Joined: 2 years ago

Hey, don't think anyone can promise you that you won't get hit (because you're passed the New Player Protection) but feel free to hit me up here or on Discord if something happens and I'll be happy to get you back on your feet.

Also make sure you occasionally jump on, even once a week, to ensure your dinos don't starve to death or become claimable.