We're happy to announce the availability of a new map in our cluster, The Center. The Center has been added to our cluster as a result of community suggestions and feedback, providing a new and exciting place to do PVP! The Center will be available for a limited time (one month) to provide an exciting, unique experience for our players. We're open to having it available for a more extended period of time, however in order for that to be the case, donations need to occur to make it sustainable to do so.

The Center is being made available with a multitude of configuration changes to enable a fun, fast-paced PVP experience.

For starters, we're only enabling the transfers of characters. No dinos or items can be uploaded or downloaded.You'll need to work closely together with your friends, with a tribe limit of 5 and no alliances, to bring down your enemies. Those enemies will be geared to the teeth, with accelerated taming and harvest rates of 10x (XP of 5x), and they'll be able to bring in the biggest, most badass raiding dino in game, the Titanosaur.

All of this is brought to you with limited admin oversight (nobody is set as admin on the server), only taking on cases of exploiting, undermeshing, etc. We will not be assisting individuals on the map in cases of passive dino killing (don't have them set on passive on this map), if you get stuck, etc.

Some extras:

  • Disabled player join and leave messages.
  • Diseases have been enabled.
  • Player Food and Water Drain Multiplier is set to 0.3. Less time stuffing your face, more time raiding!
  • MatingIntervalMultiplier is halved (0.5).
  • BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier and EggHatchSpeedMultiplier are 10x
  • RaidDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier has been set to 2x to be more balanced with the rates.
  • Tribe name cooldown set to 1 hour.

Mods enabled:

  • Meat Spoiler
  • S.R.S. Rebalanced Stacks
  • Structures Plus (S+)
  • Tools Evolved

The Center-specific Rules:

All rules except the below mentioned items still apply!

  • There is no new player or raid protection.
  • Passive dino killing is allowed.
  • Foundation wiping is allowed.

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