Extinction Server Now Available

We're happy to announce the availability of the Extinction server. This server is a permanent addition to our cluster, with various changes to our traditional configurations to create a more impactful early Extinction experience. The Extinction server will have the **same** rules as our Aberration, Ragnarok, and The Island maps. Out-of-the-box, this server will have the following mods enabled: - 365PVP Dinos - Meat Spoiler - Structures Plus (S+) This server also introduces a variety of changes to improve balance, ensure an Extinction experience which is mostly likely to be aligned with the map's intended design, and more. A list of changes are below: - Dino and Item downloads and uploads will be disabled for **a minimum of 4 weeks. Only character transfers are enabled.** - Dino food drain multiplier has been increased to 2.5 from 1.0, which is more in line with our rates (5x / 7x - multiplier remains 2.5 on 7x). - To balance this for taming, **taming multiplier is at 2.5 on 5x and 3.5 on 7x.** - Dinos which require manual imprinting (not covered by the S+ Nanny) will require the individual which claims to perform the imprint. This *may* be re-evaluated after 4 weeks. - Diseases **are** enabled. - **There is no New Player Protection for new or existing accounts / tribes on Extinction. Raid Protection still applies.** - Until more information is known about Extinction and its intended map design, mods such as S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks and Tools Evolved will be disabled. - Until more information is known about various new dinos (e.g. the Titan) in the Extinction server, the S+ AutoCrafter, S+ Cloning Chamber and S+ Mutators will be disabled. This *may* be re-evaluated after 4 weeks. **IMPORTANT NOTES:** - Any and all configuration options and mods are subject to be changed at the discretion of the administrators, including any above minimum timeframes for further changes to be made.** - **Do not buy items from the store for Extinction, as you will not be able to download them.**

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