We are constantly evaluating various aspects of gameplay, gameplay mechanics, as well as our set of rules and settings to provide a balanced PVP experience in ARK. One core aspect of the PVP experience on the 365PVP cluster is our raid protection rules, which allows for a certain amount of time to rebuild bases, farm, etc. after a successful raid has been performed against your tribe or yourself.

Previously, this raid protection has lasted 36 hours, which we determined at the time was a reasonable amount of time to rebuild and re-arm yourself. With the release of Extinction, we recognized that there has been an increase in difficulty with various aspects of farming (e.g. metal) and building (e.g. making sure your base is also equipped to deal with corrupted dinos).

To help ensure our players have a better opportunity to rebuild, we are increasing our raid protection to 48 hours (2 days) across all maps. This will not apply to existing tribes or players with raid protection (or those which have been raided but have yet to file for raid protection at the time of this announcement), but it will apply to future cases of it.

Additionally, we are now providing a shortened New Player Protection for the Extinction map, which previously did not have any. All future new tribes (created by new accounts) will have 3 days of New Player Protection on Extinction. All other maps are 2 weeks (at most). As always, ensure you have (NEW) or (New) in your tribe name and be sure to follow our rules regarding it.

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