Champions of 365PVP

From violent ends come fresh beginnings. We're excited to announce the final and largest event before our upcoming wipe of the 365PVP cluster and its maps. This wipe will provide our players the opportunity to create new experiences, face new challenges, and battle against new faces. But before all of that, we're having our largest PVP event in the cluster's history, bringing together old and new players alike in a king of the hill event. Players will have the opportunity to attack or defend a base, with rewards being granted to participants who acquire codes found in each of its vaults (in towers, main base, and throughout the rest of the complex) and send them to DuLi. In the event the main base is successfully defended, rewards will also be given to defenders. These rewards **will apply in the new cluster**! This event is taking place on Saturday, February 16th starting at 12pm PST, 8pm UTC, at the Green Event Base on Ragnarok! Gear and dinos will be provided on both sides for those that need it, to enable all players to have the opportunity to participate and have fun!

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