Triple Crown

We're happy to announce Triple Crown, an event designed to provide players the opportunity to hone / improve their PVP skills and communication, regardless of their skill level, and without any concern for retaliation! This event is going to occur over the course of several days and will involve raiding a multitude of designed bases across multiple difficulties (easy, medium, and hard), with a small set of players being the defenders. In this event you can learn and/or experience turret soaking, FOB (Forward Operating Base) setup, and 1v1 combat. **What do you need and what can you get out of it?** All dinos are being given by CP and gear provided by DuLi, **you only need to bring yourself**! Each base will contain rewards appropriate for that particular difficulty and you may even use those items against harder bases in the event (such as rewards from the medium difficulty base against the hard one). All the loot is "first come first serve". **When and where does it take place?** The event will start at 1pm UTC (9am EDT) on Saturday, June 9th and will continue until the last base is eliminated. You're encouraged to participate whenever you're available after the event start, even if the defenders are not online! The event will take place on the Ragnarok map, with details about PVP Event Base locations being announced at the start of the event. If you have difficulties reaching a specific base, please reach out to an admin for assistance! **Rules and Notes:** 1. No dinos or gear may be brought to the event by the defenders. If you are attacking event bases and wish to bring better or additional gear, you may do so however (only bring what you can afford to lose). All dinos and gear provided for attackers will be set up at / in the respective FOBs, all gear provided for defenders in the respective bases. 2. To ensure all players an equal opportunity to participate and gain experience at various levels, no raiding of other players shall be performed during the duration of the event and event bases will be attacked in the respective order (easy, medium, hard). No raiding of the event bases prior to the event start is permitted. 3. Participating in the event will **not** revoke New Player Protection, if it exists.

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