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How long is the server down?:

The server has automated restarts 10 am gmt and 10 pm gmt. Might be down for 3 minutes. if there has been an update to ark it may take longer

I'm playing from the US should i expect lag?

60% of our playerbase is players from the united states, they usually experience 30-50 ms and have not been troubled by lag

Pipes and irrigationsystems are so tedious, what can I do?

Our config allows you to get water straight out of the ground, simply use an intake on the ground and connect irrigation pipes to it; you'll then have an unlimited water supply!

What map should I join?

Our main map is Ragnarok, it contains most of the stuff you can achieve in vanilla ark WITHOUT buying a dlc! We highly recommend you to start playing on Ragnarok and spawn in any of the Jungle spawnpoints :)

I keep getting mod version mismatch/I can't connect to the server/It's stuck on connecting to server

Make sure you have all the mods required to join the server! Click Link Below!```


Hello All Most of Time when you get a Mod mismatch it is on your side Ark/steam network is crap and gives u wrong files. try reinstalling mods and relogging Steam accout

Heres how todo it.

Step One!
Find ur mods folder!
heres path i take
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods

Step Two!
Delete Everything inside ur mods folder, but not the folder it self.

Step Three!
Log out of Steam all way out, make sure bootstrap isn't runing Also ok. you need open task Manager. Processes Scroll Down End task/stop everything named "Steam"

Step Four
Relog into steam open Ark then Open the Ark server you wish to play.
Let mods install without tabing out of the game then see if gives you same problems.

if problem is still happens contact Server owner or Admins about the problem.