The staff will strive to provide a friendly and open atmosphere, to enable community support. If community members are found to be violating the rules, The 365PVP staff reserve the right to ban. In all situations but the most extreme, prior warning will be given to the individual concerned, as an opportunity to correct their behaviour. The staff reserve the right to make modification to the rules at any point in time.

Remember this is a game, try to have fun while keeping in mind that you're playing with other human beings. Following the rules keeps the ARK experience fun for everyone, and all rule breaking should be reported to #admin-help or directly to the staff in Discord.


  • No personal/direct attacks - try to keep it friendly and respectful. Refrain from mindlessly insulting other people, as it’s been proven to not be conducive to situations. Always play according to our advertisements, give people a fair chance. “Don't be an asshole.”
  • Do not advertise on our Discord or server without first consulting staff.
  • While people should be able to take a joke, don’t cross the line and respect requests by the individual to stop.
  • Do not use names which contain derogatory terms or profanity. Admins reserve the right to change your name under such circumstances.
  • Harassing a player by means of camping them or their tribe is not permitted.
  • Any form of harassment of another player based on their race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other traits or factors is not acceptable. This extends to any form of sexual harassment, as well as harassment outside of the game. Given any proof, it will be dealt with swiftly and will result in a ban from all 365PVP services and/or services we leverage.
  • Abusing or exploiting bugs, glitches, dupes, imbalances, or other unintended functionality in ARK and/or 365PVP-sanctioned mods may result in consequences, such as bans. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Building in areas which are not intended, e.g. Surface on Aberration.
    • Preventing the natural impregnation process of Reaper Queens to enable multiple individuals (or one individual in multiple instances) to become impregnated.
    • Utilizing of any items (e.g. climbing picks and grappling hooks) to access unintended sections of the map or undermesh.

New Player Protection

While we do understand that early raiding may be fun for a few people, our goal is that tribes have the opportunity to experience ARK and greater PVP later on. Our New Player Protection is to give players the opportunity to progress in the game without being constantly set back. This rule is tribe oriented and applies across all maps. Once a tribe is established on one map, their protection is revoked across all maps.

  • All new tribes must have (NEW) or (New) in their tribe name, For the new player protection to be active.
  • New Player Protection lasts 2 weeks at most. Use the inspector on our website to confirm that the tribe / player is 2 weeks old.
  • If the new player or tribe gets turrets the protection is revoked. Note that X plants do not count as defence.
  • If the new player joins an already settled tribe, the protection is revoked.
  • If the new player attacks other tribes, the protection is revoked.
  • If the new player/tribe raid or attacks other players the protection is revoked.
  • If the new player claims dinos explicitly owned by another player or tribe, without the consent of said player or tribe, the protection is revoked.
  • Do not raid any bases (thatch, wood, stone, or metal) which are owned by a new player or tribe under new player protection.

Always bear in mind that once you choose to attack or act aggressively towards others, you must be prepared for retaliation. People may pack a bigger punch than you expect. Do research, don’t get caught off-guard, and play smart!

No backstabbing, ally betrayal, or griefing.

  • Backstabbing
    • You shouldn't be afraid to add new people to your tribe! In the event a tribe recruits someone who turns out to be chaotic and ruins something in the tribe, message an admin so an investigation into the incident can proceed.
  • Ally Betrayal
    • To avoid ally betrayal, you must provide a 24 hour notice of any intent to break or leave an alliance for the purposes of attacking or aiding in an attack against an ally. Not providing such notice may result in consequences.
  • Griefing
    • Do not foundation wipe, the goal of raiding should never be harassment.
    • Do not keep prisoners.
    • Do not excessively kill passive dinos. It is advised to place farming dinos in a separate pen or designated area to prevent collateral damage. Refrain from placing loot and valuables in passive dinos, as it is permitted to tranquilize any passive dinosaur for the purposes of obtaining loot. In the event it is found that multiple passive dinos contain loot, you may kill dinosaurs which are equipped with platform saddles and vaults, however be sure to take screenshots of all passive dinos which contain loot before taking such action!
    • Do not destroy or grief the Event Arena unless it is a part of the event.
    • Do not take up an excessive amount of land. It is understandable that as you progress, you may need more space, but taking an excessive amount is not permitted. Any concerns should be directly taken up with an admin, not in global or general chat.
    • If you wish to take a base location that is occupied, make sure that the tribe has been offline for more than 14 days. Use inspector on our website to check this. If you find a base location by a tribe that has not been online for more than 30 days, please contact an admin.

Raid Protection

This rule was made to give people a fair chance of rebuilding.

  • A tribe that has been raided is protected for 48 hours to allow rebuilding.
  • The protected tribe must not be attacked during the protection. Attacking means any attempt to raid or kill in the general vicinity of any of their bases. If you are unsure if a tribe may be raided, first check the #raid-protection Discord channel on our server.
  • Being attacked does not activate the rebuild timer, a successful raid does. A successful raid is considered to occur when a raid greatly impacts a tribe or player, or when a tribe or player loses resources or dinos which grossly impacts their ability to participate on the servers. In all cases, provide proof with a date and time to an administrator.
  • Attacking multiple bases is allowed, if the raids are continuous. If a tribe has not attacked the next base within 4 hours they may not proceed.
  • Retaliation by the protected tribe immediately voids the rule.
  • Place signs around your base(s) to ensure people are away of your protected status.
  • Exploiting this timer will have consequences.


  • No use of automated turrets (auto turrets or any S+ variety) or Tek Transmitters / Teleporters on any platform saddles.
  • No use of c4 that is disallowed on official servers.
  • Blocking Artifacts, Surface entrance "aberration", Player Spawns or Obelisks is not allowed.
  • Do not foundation spam around your base or any other areas.
  • Destroy beaver dams when looting them!
  • Eat unwanted rock drake and wyvern eggs. Do NOT drop them!
  • S+ Flame Turrets are not allowed based on a community poll.
  • Tek ATVs are not permitted and usage of them is considered exploiting of an imbalanced item.
  • Server admins routinely clear tribe and player structures and/or dinos if the tribe or player has been offline for 3 or more weeks. If you anticipate being away from the server for an extended period of time, it is recommended to contact a server admin so they may determine if it's reasonable to not remove such structures or dinos. Do note that even if such request is granted, this does not mean that another tribe or player will be unable to destroy / claim your structures or dinos.


All rules listed above except the below mentioned items still apply to our Extinction experience!

  • The kiting / drawing of Corrupted dinos (or the transportation of them by means of a flyer) to a base of a tribe or player for the intended purpose of inflicting damage or destruction of their structures, or for the intended purpose of killing the player and/or their dinos, is strictly forbidden. In the event this occurs and evidence of such actions are brought forth, there will be serious consequences. NO Raiding with Titans at allm until theyr been balanced!
  • Until more information is known about various new dinos (e.g. the Titan) in the Extinction server, the S+ AutoCrafter, S+ Cloning Chamber and S+ Mutators will be disabled. This may be re-evaluated.